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Gil Shani  lives and works in Tel aviv.
Graduate of "Camera Obscura" Film school.
Gil Shani works as a director and a cinematographer for the main Israeli tv channels for the last 15 years, during which he has created a few independent productions.
Since 2007 Gil began to specialize in photography and painting. His works were shown in magazins, galleries and other displays.


Nonsens News - tv series
Shamayim, Nick-junior, Hot

The perfect doll 
Sumyuko, Reshet, channel 2

Yael dekelbaum - 100% light - Video clip
Hed arzi production, channel 24 
Director, Cameraman& Editor


Korin elal - Kol hayonim: Video clip               
Privet production by Ariel nishry
Director, Cameraman& Editor


Brain cells - Independent short film
winner of “Rabinovitz” and “Snunit” foundations

chosen for volgin competition in the "jerusalem film festival"


First hit – Independent short film
Winner of “Gelfand” foundation for screenwriting.

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